What Makes Prosperity Bookkeeping LLC Stand Out

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About Prosperity Bookkeeping LLC
We are a virtual accounting firm in Green Bay, Wisconsin, specializing in cash advisory services and bookkeeping. We have been offering our solutions for eight years, although our founder Kristie Van Pay, has twenty-three years of accounting experience. 

The company was born out of a spiritual gifting class Kristie took through her church and a chance call from a consulting firm that helped people looking to start an accounting enterprise. Today, our business has grown to four employees that work virtually.

We are a tech-forward business that’s committed to adopting the latest technological tools. The most recent innovation was a cash flow forecasting software that reduces the planning time for clients.

We primarily serve clients in Northeast Wisconsin, but we can render services across the United States since we operate through the cloud. Our business hours are Monday to Friday, 9 am to 5 pm. 

The Prosperity Bookkeeping LLC Difference
One aspect that makes us second to none is that we help entrepreneurs stay on top of their weekly financial transactions like billing customers, entering expenses, and paying their vendors. We review financial statements to ensure everything is correct and provide accurate data to help clients make informed business decisions. 

What also sets us apart is that we help small business owners who are struggling, in trouble, or just not keeping up with their bookkeeping. We help them understand what’s happening and give them a proven solution that empowers them to immediately spend less than one hour per month on bookkeeping while still being confident, compliant, and prepared with their finances. 

Our onboarding process is easy, making the transition to a new bookkeeper seamless. Our experienced team also has the expertise to ensure next to no training is necessary to get clients up to speed.

It makes us incredibly proud that we’ve been able to overcome every bookkeeping challenge presented to us. Some might take longer than others to solve, but we have our clients bookkeeping workflow running like a well-oiled machine by the end.

Our advanced technology-driven processes ensure that we can be as efficient as possible and keep clients’ costs low. In addition, we don’t charge by the hour and provide a fixed price agreement so that clients can budget accordingly without receiving surprise invoices. Our transparent and value for money approach has made us successful.

One of our most noteworthy achievements has been continuously improving and growing year on year. In addition, we survey our staff monthly and have a 100% satisfaction rating. 

As a team, we believe in putting God first and going wherever the Lord leads us. All the glory belongs to him as he has blessed us with the opportunity to serve in this capacity. He keeps opening doors, and we are happy to answer his call.

While we are passionate about what we do, we also care about protecting the environment. Since we work from home, nobody is commuting, and we are 100% paperless, eliminating the need for office supplies beyond a couple of computers, laptops, desks, and chairs. 

We also believe in giving back to society, and as part of that belief, our founder donates in a personal capacity.

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