Are Bookkeeping Services Right For Me?

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When starting a business, you don’t just hang a sign outside the front door and announce, “We’re open!” If only it were that simple! Entrepreneurs don’t just wake up one day and start working in their new business the next. Instead, they must carefully lay the foundation for their new enterprise – and they won’t go it alone. They need outside experts to get the business up and running. One of these experts just might be a bookkeeper … um, like me!

Wide Range of Bookkeeping Services
Not all business owners have experience in business finance or a working knowledge of accounts payable, accounts receivable, and taxes. Compare a seat-of-the-pants bookkeeper to a college-educated, certified accounting professional and you’ll notice a drastic difference. Bookkeeping isn’t just about reconciling accounts (although this is a biggie for every business). Bookkeeping also includes data entry, document management, customer billing, payroll, vendor payment processing, and many other business-related financial services.

Timely, Accurate Financial Reports
Another purpose of a bookkeeper is to provide timely and accurate financial reports for business decision-making and tax preparation. By hiring a professional, you gain peace of mind because a professional bookkeeper keeps accounts up-to-date and rarely makes amateur mistakes. Thus, you avoid errors and other issues that could cost your company a lot of money. Plus, you can be confident in your numbers, always aware of your financial status, and compliant with tax regulations. 

Roadmap to Hiring a Bookkeeper
Business owners have a lot of options when it comes to bookkeeping. They can partner with accounting firms, find a QuickBooks ProAdvisor by clicking here, or for their best outcome, come to us at Prosperity Bookkeeping LLC. Finding the perfect company to manage your bookkeeping can be a challenge, so we wrote this FREE “6-Step Roadmap to Hiring a Bookkeeper” to make it easier. You can request the roadmap by clicking here.

The Cost of Outsourcing Bookkeeping
And yes, while you can do your bookkeeping yourself, this decision tree will help you decide if it is in your best interest. 

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Of course, money is always an issue. However, Prosperity Bookkeeping’s services are affordably priced for small- to mid-sized businesses. On average, outsourcing your bookkeeping will cost 1 - 3% of your annual revenue per year, depending on the level of service you choose. 

Prosperity Bookkeeping’s Values
As a leading bookkeeper in Green Bay, Wisconsin, Prosperity Bookkeeping LLC will exceed your expectations and always put you first. As a team, we believe that a strong and thriving economy is the result of strong families, and strong families are the result of God being at the center of those families. We believe that putting God first, family second, and career third is the key to strong families and, hence, a strong nation.

Virtual Accounting & Bookkeeping 
Prosperity Bookkeeping provides a proven process that will have you spending less than one hour per month on bookkeeping-related tasks while increasing your confidence, awareness, compliance, and preparedness in matters relating to your business finances. We offer accounting, bookkeeping, payroll, advisory services, etc., to clients in Denmark, Green Bay, Appleton, Oshkosh, and throughout Northeast Wisconsin. We also provide virtual accounting and bookkeeping services to clients across the U.S.

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