Our Process

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Our Process

Just as you are hopefully going to be very selective when it comes to finding the right bookkeeper, we are very selective when it comes to accepting the right client. At Prosperity Bookkeeping LLC we are passionate about our clients and strive to push them to greater success by helping them scale their business. As such, we need to ensure our clients are a good fit for our processes; which, were designed to keep the bookkeeping process as simple as possible for our clients while maintaining the integrity of the deliverables we provide. It is important to note that we have designed this process so that at any time, either party can stop the process if it is determined that a business relationship is not feasible.

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    Tell Us Your Bookkeeping Story

    We know you are a busy business owner and have no time to spare, so the first step in our process is a little exploration to ensure we are a good fit for your organization. During this step you will complete a brief questionnaire that will help us greatly in determining whether or not we can accommodate your needs.

    Tell Us Your Story

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    Complimentary Consultation

    If the questionnaire reveals that we may be a great match, you will be invited to schedule a complimentary consultation where we will take a deep dive into your current bookkeeping process and explore what it is about the process that has you frustrated or concerned.

    Request A Consultation

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    Phase I – Review

    Our Review scope is our exploration phase. During this stage, we want to know everything: the big, the bad, the ugly, and, of course, the good stuff too! This helps us understand what is needed in your accounting system and how we can work collaboratively. During this stage, we review your current system, evaluate and make recommendations, and design a conceptual bookkeeping workflow.

    The deliverable for this phase is a report on the health of your current bookkeeping state along with recommendations for improvement. If you decide not to move beyond this point, the report is yours to keep.

    Fees start at $160 for this service

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    Phase II – Implementation

    Next is the Implementation Scope. Prospective clients may already be using QuickBooks Online or they may require a system rebuild to create efficiency in the workflow. This is where the magic happens! We implement the recommended clean up/set-up and go live with your new or newly updated system.

    The deliverable for this phase is a clean set of books that is ready for whatever comes next.

    This stage requires a one-time fee which will be provided to you at the end of Phase 1.

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    Phase III – Ongoing Bookkeeping Services

    After successfully working with you through the review and implementation stages, we may offer you a proposal to maintain that clean set of books with a proposal for monthly Bookkeeping services.

    The deliverable for this phase is monthly, quarterly or annual financial statements at a minimum, plus any other deliverables you have selected as options.

    This service can take on many variations and the monthly fixed-fee proposal is presented to you in a way that allows you to pick and choose the options that fit your current service needs and budget.

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Our services include: Bookkeeping | Accounting | Payroll | Advisory & Forecasting | Cloud Migration | Software Setup & Discounts

Prosperity Bookkeeping LLC serves clients across Denmark, Green Bay, Appleton, Oshkosh, and the surrounding areas.

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