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One out of 5 small businesses fail within the first year of opening. When a business folds, the entrepreneurs oftentimes are forced to sell for pennies on the dollar or file for bankruptcy. Many times, small business owners don’t just lose corporate assets, but also the personal assets they pledged as collateral for start-up financing. Businesses fail for many reasons, but one common cause is a lack of understanding and insight into a business’ financial health. The best way to track finances is with accurate, up-to-date accounting services. Businesses that implement effective accounting policies and sound financial strategies increase their likelihood of long-term sustainability.

Integrity & Financial Expertise

Prosperity Bookkeeping provides clients with professional accounting services to manage day-to-day business finances, contributing to an organization’s stability and prosperity. Numbers are our specialty – and we’re passionate about accounting. Business owners find comfort in outsourcing their company’s accounting services to us because of our integrity, financial expertise, and business acumen. Small business accounting requires accurate bookkeeping and conscientious tracking of financial transactions.

The three main goals of Prosperity Bookkeeping’s accounting services are:

    • Monitor business income and expenses
    • Provide data to fulfill tax obligations
    • Strategize the company’s future

Affordable Accounting Services

Of course, money is a big concern for any entrepreneur or established business owner. Consequently, Prosperity Bookkeeping offers accounting services at affordable prices. On average, outsourcing accounting services will cost a small- to mid-sized business 1-3 percent of annual revenue, based upon the services selected. Plus, we make it so easy! By partnering with us for accounting services, you’ll spend less than one hour per month on bookkeeping-related tasks.

Virtual Accounting Services

Prosperity Bookkeeping’s virtual accounting services enable us to partner with small businesses near and far. From Green Bay, Wisconsin, Prosperity Bookkeeping gives business owners the financial data they need to make their next financial decision, whether the business is located across town or across the county.

Our services include:

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Accounting services are vital for every business. Let Prosperity Bookkeeping provide the accounting services your small business needs to succeed. We give clients valuable insight into their business’ financial health. Contact us today and tell us your bookkeeping story.

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