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Many owners of small to midsize businesses are so entrenched in day-to-day business operations that they fail to see the bigger picture. Companies face financial challenges every day. Some organizations just don’t have the sophisticated skill set and expertise internally to understand, react, and overcome these financial challenges. That’s where an experienced, outside financial advisor makes a positive impact. Prosperity Bookkeeping offers advisory and forecasting services to protect the continuity of clients’ corporate finances and business operations.

Accurate Financial Statements

By maintaining accurate, up-to-date financial accounting records, Prosperity Bookkeeping shows clients detailed information regarding the transactions and financial activities of a business. Our advisory and forecasting services help businesses identify trends and think strategically about where their money is going and where they can save.

Data-Driven Decision Making

Prosperity Bookkeeping specializes in preparing reports and forecasts for owners and shareholders to enhance profit. These reports lead to data-driven decision making in which decisions are based on verifiable data instead of intuition or gut instinct. Prosperity Bookkeeping’s financial advisory and forecasting services protect business owners from their own desperation or emotional attachment. Key performance indicators (KPIs), such as profit-and-loss statements, allow business owners to make confident business decisions for virtually any challenge.

Business Advisory & Forecasting Services

As an experienced business finance advisor and forecaster, Prosperity Bookkeeping steers clients toward their specific goals. For example, Prosperity Bookkeeping’s advisory service can help an entrepreneur determine whether to use a line of credit against receivables when introducing a new product line. Additionally, advisory and forecasting services can help clients decide whether to adjust their marketing budget, branch out into a new market or a new territory, or commit to some other business opportunity.

Key Features of Prosperity Bookkeeping’s Advisory & Forecasting Services:

    • Establish controls to ensure the accounting and bookkeeping systems work properly
    • Verify financial records, because the cleaner the books, the better the advice
    • Analyze key financial documents, such as profit-and-loss statements
    • Open a dialogue with the client to understand their business and financial goals
    • Offer strategic business-finance advice based on hard data as solutions to complex financial challenges
    • Forecast business and fiscal trends to position a company for positive cash flow and a prosperous future

Our services include:

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Too often, business owners rely on intuition, emotion, or knee-jerk reaction to make business-finance decisions. Instead, consider the big picture with complete, accurate financial data and strategic advisory and forecasting services from Prosperity Bookkeeping. We understand the challenges of owning and managing a small business because we operate one ourselves in Denmark, Wisconsin. Contact us today and tell us your business story.

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