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Many small businesses struggle to keep up with ever-changing office technology. Instead, they cling to an outdated, inefficient business model because “That’s the way we always did it.” They lack the foresight to update business operations to technology that improves a company’s agility in today’s marketplace. Prosperity Bookkeeping offers cloud migration services to move financial data to a secure, easy-to-access interface for file sharing, file storage and back-up protection. We empower clients to run their businesses using the most innovative technology available, so their business thrives.

Benefits of Cloud Migration

Cloud migration is the process of transferring an organization’s financial data from a hard drive on an office computer to the cloud on the internet. Cloud migration offers many benefits for small business owners:

    • Keep up with the latest technology to remain competitive in your industry and protect against security gaps that hackers can exploit.
    • Provide ready access for multiple users in widespread locations, including your finance department and bookkeeper. This is especially advantageous for remote workers.
    • Link the accounts to financial establishments like banks, PayPal, and credit card companies for efficient bookkeeping and account reconciliation.
    • Store sensitive financial data securely with routine back-ups. You won’t lose data because of a hardware failure.

Make Bookkeeping Manageable

Cloud migration can be a complex and time-consuming process, but Prosperity Bookkeeping works hand-in-hand with clients to help them understand what’s ahead and seamlessly facilitate the entire process. We understand the demands of running a business, because we’re experienced business owners ourselves. We make bookkeeping manageable. Once the cloud migration is complete, businesses typically spend less than one hour per month on bookkeeping-related tasks. They have 24-hour access to their business finances at the office, at home, or wherever life takes them.

Our services include:

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As a virtual bookkeeping service based in Denmark, Wisconsin, Prosperity Bookkeeping works exclusively with QuickBooks Online. In over 20 years as an accountant, Prosperity Bookkeeping’s owner Kristie Van Pay has yet to find a better accounting software. QuickBooks Online is an industry leader in small business accounting. So, take full advantage of the latest in accounting technology with cloud migration and virtual bookkeeping services from Prosperity Bookkeeping. Contact us today and tell us your business story.

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